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Crooked Cops





Tina Mason loved to be tickled. At just under 6ft with long blonde hair and legs that could rival a python, for a woman of her early forties she could have easily been mistaken for her early thirties. Tina like nothing more than to be stripped down and tickled mercilessly on her overly sensitive body, although it hadn't always been this way.

Up until recently the Barbie doll figured housewife had always hated, absolutely dreaded, being tickled despite the involuntary sexual satisfaction her body gained from the sensation. A series of much unwanted ticklish experiences had lead the sexy blonde to meet her husband, to whom she had two children. Her son was now in college, her daughter a senior at high school and her husband a high-ranking police official that spent little time at home. Tina would often grow bored, invite people over and trick them into tickling her.

Nearly a decade before this, about a year after Tina had been married, nearing her thirtieth birthday she still absolutely loathed being tickled. This was unfortunate for the recently wed young woman, as it seemed everyone was out to tickle her. One instance in particular still rings strong in her mind when she ran into two police detectives who she had met, and been tickled by, years before.

It was summer in Elk City and Reese; Tina's new husband was off doing what members of SWAT do. Tina was window-shopping on the outskirts of the central city.

Elk City summers were always hot so the sexy blonde was dressed accordingly. High heels weren't good in the heat but they were better than her usual tennis shoes, stockings too didn't exactly go down wonderfully with the weather but Tina felt she needed something (no matter how thin) covering her legs due to the length of her skirt. Tina's skirt was ludicrously short and made her long sexy legs the attention of most people around her, be it lust or envy. The ticklish blonde's seductive legs weren't the only things getting attention as her small white t-shirt threatened to let her enormous cleavage burst from its restraint.

With her sunglasses a top her head and her hand bag loosely around her right shoulder Tina admired a well-dressed mannequin in the window of a rather classy store. The street was rather busy and, unaware to Tina, on the other side of the road and down a few meters were two police detectives who had once run into her a long time ago.

The two dark haired detectives had arrested Tina back when she was in college. At the time the two officers were just plain beat cops, who took Tina out to the rural district and tickled her for several hours in the middle of the night. The two cops, now fully-fledged E.C.P.D detectives had never thought they would see the ticklish goddess ever again. They got lucky and simply had to take advantage of it.

After confirming who the woman was who they thought she was detectives Harper and Maney made their way across the street. As Tina turned away from the window ready to continue her leisurely waltz down the bustling street, she was stopped by two casually dressed men brandishing police badges on their belts. Tina took a step back in surprise and then looked at the two men who both wore dark glasses. The detectives hesitated wondering if she had recognized them. The night they had tickled her was dark and when they arrested Tina her eyes were still blurred with tears. To Tina's knowledge these two cops were just that, two cops.

"Sorry to startle you ma'am but I'm afraid you're going to have to come with us." Announced the taller detective Harper. "I'm detective Harper and this is my partner detective Maney."

"Oh my god is it Reese?" Tina panicked assuming something may have happened to her husband.

"Reese ma'am?" Detective Maney asked not knowing what she was talking about. "...Uh we're, uh, investigating a very high profile case and you match the description of our perp...that's all."

"We just need you to answer a few questions at the station." Detective Harper concluded letting Tina roll her eyes in a sigh of relief.

"Oh my god, well I'll have to just call my husband." Tina said reaching into her bag for her cell phone. "Hes a police officer as well so he should be able to clarify my innocence."

"I'm afraid that won't be possible ma'am," Detective Maney said thinking quickly as he swiftly took Tina's handbag. "The person we're looking for is extremely dangerous, and if in fact you are this person then we can't allow you to be reaching into hand bags. You understand. We'll call your husband from the station."

"These are merely precautions for the safety of the public." Harper continued as he pulled a pair of handcuffs from his belt. "I'm going to have to ask you to turn around slowly and put your hands behind you back. We do apologize for the inconvenience however-"

"-Oh it's no problem, really." Tina insisted as the detective hand cuffed her securely and began leading her across the street towards their car. "I wasn't doing anything too important and I'm more than happy to help with your investigation."

The detective's plan was going perfectly thus far. Harper and Maney's quick thinking had got the ticklish vixen in the back of their car and now it was only a matter of witting their way to an isolated area. Tina sat in the back with her hands cuffed behind her as the car bumbled along through the city streets. It was only about a fifteen minute trip before Tina found herself being escorted into a police station.

"Who's this'n?" asked an old man behind a desk as the two detectives escorted Tina through the busy police station, down a hall way, through a door and into a small room with another door and the old man at the desk.

"Just a suspect Harry." Maney said as he opened the other door and revealed a set of stairs.

The two officers closed the door behind them and walked Tina down the rather long flight of stairs. At the bottom was a straight room with cells on either side. At the end of the room was a thick iron door. As Tina was walked towards the door the cell mates on either side admired her stunning figure and weren't ashamed to advertise with rude unwelcoming comments.

"We're going to have to keep you in here." Officer Harper said as he opened the heavy iron door revealing a padded room. "Because of who you might be we have to keep as far away from people as possible. We do apologize."

Tina was quite happy to comply as the two officers shut the door behind her and she examined the white padded room. After all, it made the day slightly more interesting. The room was bigger than the usual cells, it had thick white carpet which was quite surprising and a black hard rubber bench (probably wooden underneath) running along the back wall. Several minutes passed and by the time the two detectives returned Tina had made herself at home, having taken a seat in the middle of the bench.

"Sorry about the wait, we contacted your husband, he's on his way over." Harper lied through his teeth as the two detectives shut the thick door behind them. "We've put you hand bag in the lock up so it'll be nice and safe."

"Oh good, Reese should be able to sort this all out." Tina smiled as the two detectives sat either side of her.

"This is just standard procedure, but do you have any concealed weapons or objects that co-" Maney began to ask when Tina quickly interrupted him.

"Oh no, of course not." Tina laughed at the thought of herself handling a weapon of any sort. "The only thing even close to a weapon are my heels, ha ha."

"That's a good point." Harper said, as he looked his partner in the eye, both officers knowing they had just found their chance. "I think we should put those in lock up too don't you?"

"Let me get those." Maney said politely as he scooted off the bench onto one knee and picked up Tina's long stockinged left leg.

"Oh my" Tina said as Harper followed suit and kneeled down to removed her other shoe. "Gentlemen this really isn't HEee!"

"Sorry ma'am?" Harper asked as he placed Tina's shoe on the floor, still holding her sexy ankle under the crook of his arm. "Did we hurt you?"

"No, no, you just surprised me is all." Tina said knowing better than to tell people she was ticklish especially seeing as she sat there with two men holding a stockinged foot each, not to mention her hands being securely bound behind her back.

"I think I tickled her by accident." Maney said addressing his partner, still holding Tina's worried foot quite securely.

"Oh are you ticklish?" Harper asked giving Maney a cocky grin before he turned his head to face Tina.

Tina sat wide eyed for a second as she realized what could, and knowing her luck, probably would happen. What should she say? Her most ticklish spot on her entire body was in the grasps of two men and her arms were bound? Wait, wait, Tina thought. Be rational about this, these men are conducting a very important investigation. Surely they don't have time to mess around with such games.

"I'm a little ticklish." Tina said lying and prepared to change the subject. "Weren't you going to ask me some questions?"

The truth was, unbeknown to Tina that there was no investigation and both detectives had the rest of the day free. When they had seen Tina they had just ended their round for the day. In unison both Maney and Harper ignored Tina's question, looked at one another and quickly began scrambling their fingers all over Tina's soft stocking covered soles. Tina arched back instantly and began tugging her legs but the officers were two strong as he squeals filled the conveniently sound proofed room.

"EEEEHEE HA OH! HAHA O.k! I lied! HAHA I'm tickisSHAHA!" Tina screamed as she desperately tried to wriggle her legs free without falling from the bench. "HAAH Stop! Please! HAhaha!"

"Wow you really are ticklish!" Harper announced as he continued to cruelly stroke his fingers up and down Tina's arch.

The two men's scribbling fingers danced around her soft ticklish arches causing Tina to laugh and squeal uncontrollably. What was she to do? These two men had discovered her most terrible of weaknesses, they were stronger than Tina and her arms were bound by cuffs that could hold the most hardened of criminals. Surely it couldn't go on too long, these men had things to do. Worst of all that in a few more seconds Tina would loose all organized thought and simply become a delirious tickle tortured mess.

"Please stop! HAHHAH No! HAHA You doOHHAEEEE!" Tina squealed as her ability to form words and any chance to explain were rapidly being tickled away. "You don't underSTAHAHA! PLEEEE!"

The hysterical blonde Amazon tried with all her will to not fall of the bench or two her side. After several minutes of non-stop sole searching the red faced teary eyed tickle victim lost control and as she thrashed with ticklishness poor Tina fell to her left. When Tina collapsed onto the seat sideways the officers didn't stop by any means. Along with Tina the two cops knew that her falling meant she had lost all control and any chance of staying in the land of the sane.

"Drag her round." Harper said as he ceased his tickling while Tina still laughed torturously behind him.

While Tina gasped for air and continued to giggle tiny overly ticklish giggles the worst thing possible began to happen. Together Maney and Harper moved the tickle weakened blonde so she lay on her back on the soft carpeted floor. If the two officers had stopped and left it at that it would have been relatively normal in a playful way but the fact they were now moving her 'into a better position' meant Tina's personal hell wasn't over yet.

By the time Tina was able to blink her eyes free to tickle produced tears she lay flat on her back, arms still securely cuffed behind her and detective Harper straddling her stockinged shins. Tina would have sat up except she didn't have enough energy and detective Maney was now kneeling over her sweet squirming hips with his back to his fellow officer.

"What are you doing?!" Tina asked as if she didn't know. "You can't do this! Your police officers!"

"Maybe you should have thought of that before you tickled that poor girl a few years ago." Maney said mockingly as he snaked his hands up Tina's thin white t-shirt having made an obvious reference to the time Tina was arrested for spending a week tickle torturing an eighteen year old girl while she was supposed to be house sitting for the teens mother. "We know who you are 'Miss Tickler'"

Tina's stomach sunk. Had these officers recognized her from the news all those years ago and decided to inact revenge? Tina thought she'd gotten her fair share in the two years she spent in prison. Two years being tickled madly by inmates and guards alike and now two rouge cops were making her pay further.

"Eeehee...I'm sorry pleaseeehe!" Tina began to giggle as Maney's fingers wiggled their way up towards Tina's soft ribs beneath her straining t-shirt. "I-I paid my debee! Stop! HA! No please!"

Maney's finger dug violently into Tina's sensitive ribs causing her back to arch upwards and squeals of insane laughter to be released from her plump red lips. Responding to the sudden wild wiggling of Tina's stockinged feet Harper wasn't about to be left out. Tina found a torturous rush as Harper secured her left foot, bending her cute toes back and sending his fingers to party on the balls of her feet. The poor hysterical blonde was going quite mad as her soft ribs were ravaged without mercy and her stretched out foot was stroked and unable to even flinch.

This tickling wasn't any sort 'tickle just to make her laugh' tickling, there was nothing playful about this. These men were hard an vicious, really digging in hard into Tina's most sensitive areas. Tina could only scream as she lay pinned totally helpless in the room with the two tickle crazy men. Maney hadn't just wriggled his hands up her shirt now he had lifted it over her huge heaving breasts revealing her creamy white melons that strained the all too small bra.

"We know what happens when you get tickled too much." Detective Maney stated as he hoisted Tina's t-shirt over her head so it covered her howling face and gave the officer Tina's entire ticklish torso to play with, save for her covered breasts. "I can already see your nipples perking up!"

"Yeah and just wait until we have you all naked." Harper joined in with his colleagues teasing as he mercilessly scribbled all ten fingers over Tina's stockinged feet which were locked securely inbetween the strong man's thighs. "How does that sound? To be all naked and nowhere to run? We'll just tickle you and tickle you and tickle you!"

Being tickled naked and having nowhere to run was nothing new to Tina however amongst her hysterics and fragmented mind there was no way she could hear a word from either officer. It was nothing new, being tickled against her will, just three nights before hand her husband Reese had taken wondrous pleasure in gagging, hog tying and tickling her feet and only her feet for over an hour. Tina couldn't concentrate and it wasn't until she felt a sudden rush of air whisk across her bouncing breasts and standing nipples she realized her bra had been removed.

"HAHAH WAHAH HAHEEE!" Tina screamed unable to form words as the slow stripping of her sexy body turned her on further. "HAAH STAHAH HAHYYAEEE!"

"Ooh look at these, new toys!" Maney teased further as he poked his fingers curiously all around Tina's sensitive nipples causing extreme amounts of pleasure to battle the terrible tickling coming from her feet. "I bet you'd like us to tickle you all day wouldn't you?"

Gripping the sides of Tina's gigantic melons Maney cupped them in between his hands as he scooted himself back onto her thighs. With his back almost touching his foot tickling partners Maney tickled his way down Tina's ribs and tummy until he reached her cute inny belly button. Truly tortured giggles hailed from Tina's body as five curious fingers explored her lower tummy while Maney's other five slowly unzipped her tiny skirt.

Unable to see what was happening due to the t-shirt over her face Tina soon felt herself in nothing but a shameless Barbie pink g-string and thin ticklish stockings. Maney took a second as he listened to Tina's tickled squeals and pleading howls while he examined the small wet patch of Tina's liquid lust which had formed on the middle of her underwear.

"Hey remember what happens when we tickle here" Maney began to slowly pull down the top of Tina's g-string revealing her perfectly smooth and hyper ticklish love muscle, "don't you?"

Now Tina was ticklish everywhere, levels of ticklish so high they were stupid however there were certain key areas which drove the ticklish blonde into a tickling hellish abyss. Tina's feet were often described as her most ticklish spot, which was true for the less risqué description. Tina's pussy however was the definition of extreme ticklishness, not only did it drive her quite mad from the super sensitivity but it turned her on like nothing else could.

"Mmm." Maney licked his lips when the g-string was finally a few inches below her glistening mound. "We're never going to stop tickling you!"

"AAAHHHEEEEeee..." Tina's body thrashed even more violently then it was as Maney's fingers quickly caressed her ticklish lust center causing her to lapse into silent laughter with the occasion tortured squeak.

With her two most ticklish spots being tickled without relent Tina clenched her eyes shut as the tears streamed down her reddened face. More than anything else Tina feared and longed for her inevitable orgasm. The intense pleasure would pound her body and make her scream in ecstasy but once it was finished her body would be far more sensitive than before. Tina knew, as did the two officers who tickled her years before, that with each successive explosion of bliss the tickle mad blonde would become more and more sensitive and as a result, more and more excruciatingly ticklish.

"OWOOWWOOHHH OOooOOOoHHh!" Tina's silence was broken by her earth shattering orgasm, almost throwing Maney completely from her as she arched upwards in the throws of mass pleasure. "OOOHAHAH OOOOhOOoogggH HOO!"

"Well" Maney said as he climbed off the shuddering moaning blonde to watch her wallow in bound delight.

"That really is something." Harper said as he too stood up and watched with glee as Tina came herself stupid.

"She'll be extra sensitive now." Maney commented completely unheard by the moaning blonde.

"Yep." Harper agreed with a smile eyeing up Tina's wiggling weak legs. "What say we get rid of those hose and see what those feet are capable of standing?"

Sure enough, before Tina couldn't even finish her journey through pleasure land, her stockings were gone and both officers were gripping a bare creamy and infinitely ticklish foot. The tickled subdued blonde looked through blurry eyes at her long smooth legs in the hands of the two men and could do nothing but let out a tiny whimper as their long wet tongues began to slide between her toes.


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