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The Reflexology Test


By... FsFingers



Not so long ago I had to see a doctor for a physical in connection with a change in employment. This doctor was a woman in her late 30's perhaps early 40's. She was very attractive. Distractingly so and I thought it strange I should react to her in this manner. Anyway, as I sat across from her she noted, "I see they want a Reflexology Test."

"Yes," I replied. "Although I have no idea what that is or why they require one."

"A lot of women are having this test," the doctor informed me. "Even for young women such as you. Just another way to ensure your circulation is up to snuff," she smiled. "You can go into the examination room, "the doctor said. "Undress to your bra and panties. You'll find a "Gown" you can put on. Be sure to have the tie strings on your front and remove any body jewelry. I'll be in shortly."

In the examination room I did as the doctor instructed and stripped to my bra and thong. I found the hospital gown to which she referred and slipped it on. I had no body jewelry. Then I sat on the edge of the exam table.

When the doctor returned she proceeded to give me the usual physical - blood pressure, stethoscope to my back and chest, palpating same, listening to my breathing. She felt the glands around my neck.

"Everything seems fine," she said. "Any tingling in your toes, like you feel sometimes when you're arm goes to sleep?"

"No," I replied. "Nothing like that."

She knelt down and placed my foot in her hand and ran a finger along my arch. "Feel anything?" she asked looking up at me.

"Just a pleasant sensation," I said. I guess I held back a little smile. I'm not really ticklish on my feet. But I am just about everywhere else.

She produced one of those little hammers with a rubber end and tapped my knee. My lower leg shot out. "Excellent!" the doctor said. With both hands on my thighs just above my knees she gave both a slight squeeze. I giggled.

"Ahh," she smiled. A little ticklish, perhaps?"

"Just a little," I laughed nervously. "Is that it - the reflexology test?" I inquired eager to be done.

"No, not quite," she said stifling a chuckle.

She then asked me to lie back on the table with my legs hanging off the end bent at the knees. The gown was still held together by two draw strings but there was an involuntary gasp from me as her fingers accidentally strayed to bare skin thru a small opening in the flimsy garment when she probed my abdomen and spleen. "Oh, I think you're more than just a little ticklish?" she grinned.

"Maybe more than a little," I responded timidly. Actually, I'm insanely ticklish but I didn't want to say so.

"Well, I can't find any internal problems," she said reassuringly. "Ok, now for the Reflexology Test. And, since you are admittedly more than just a little ticklish, I'm afraid I'll have to restrain you.

Restraints? What was she going to do?

She asked that I place my hands directly over my head. She then secured end table straps, heretofore unseen, with soft Velcro cuffs to my wrists and likewise fastened my ankles to the examination table legs. Finally she slipped a small pillow under my head. To make me more comfortable, I supposed.

It was when she began explaining that studies had shown reflexes were best tested by a series of tickles to the patient's underarms, ribs, tummy and bellybutton when I cut her off.

"My bellybutton?" I asked weakly. "You're going to tickle my bellybutton?"

"Yes." she said. "It's very important when contrasting reflexes. She untied the draw strings of the gown laying bare my excruciatingly sensitive tummy from bra to pubic bone. "Now, let's see what we have here."

With a look of glee the doctor's eyes tracked my bare belly. I told her I didn't think I would be able to stand this kind of test. "My bellybutton is the most ticklish part of my body. I'm very sensitive there," I said.

"Ribs well defined," she remarked, lightly touching one with her finger, eliciting an exhalation of breath from me, ignoring my protests. "No question you're in excellent trim. And what a lovely shallow bellybutton with such delightful wrinkles and tiny knot," she added with a look that under different circumstances would only be described as lascivious. "You say it's ticklish?" She smiled.

"Oh god," was all I managed to say in reply.

She placed one hand on my trembling tummy and with the other using her index finger began making small circles around my bellybutton. Every time she finished a circle her finger came closer and closer to my navel. I was breathing rapidly and my tummy quivered like mad. "Oh god, Doctor," I moaned, "I don't think I can take this. You just can't know how ticklish my bellybutton is."

"Calm down, dear, we've just begun," the doctor said with a knowing smile.

A few seconds later her finger was tickling the inside of my bellybutton. I bucked and arched at the sensation, laughing wildly. After several moments she leaned over and began to run her tongue all over my tummy eventually finding the knotted folds of my bellybutton which she licked, sucked and tickled away.

I should have been appalled by the actions of the doctor but all I could do was howl in laughter while my whole body trembled with sensory overload. I begged the doctor to stop. I remember laughing and screaming all at the same time, " Stop...stop...please, stop, no more in my bellybutton -- it tickles too much!!!!!" She said the reflex test was going very well and went on tickling my bellybutton both with her finger and tongue while I continued to convulse.

When she was finally through with my bellybutton (at least I thought she was), she used the fingers of both her hands to walk up my sides. She started at my hip bones kneading her fingers up my sides probing each rib all the way to my armpits. I was literally screaming with head shaking side to side. Her fingers stopped just short of my armpits. She moved to the head of the table providing me a brief respite before her probing fingers reversed themselves back down my sides to my lower belly and hips. I thought I would die right on the table. I was pleading, "Please, stop, please stop,...that tickles...I'm too ticklish for you to do this test.!!!!

"We're almost done," the doctor said.

Her fingers quickly glided all over my tummy from hip bones to clavicle up and down, up and down. The gleam in her eye was maddening as she fingered and tongue tickled my bellybutton once more. I thought I would lose my mind.

Finished with my bellybutton she walked her fingers up my sides again, straight into my armpits. She used just her two index fingers and gently swirled them around the hollows of my pits. I was laughing hysterically begging for relief.

And then it was over. The Dr. massaged my bellybutton one last time, said my reflexes were working great, undid the restraints and told me to get dressed. She'd forward her report and see me again in one year.


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